Courteney Cox, Bandaged Beauty

Arm cast Courteney Cox

Last August, while enjoying a tropical vacation in Cancun, Courteney Cox slipped and used her wrist to break her fall. Ouch!  Within hours she was on a private jet headed to the States for medical care.  Adios to a relaxing vacation!  It just goes to show that accidents don’t discriminate — they can happen at anytime to anyone.

Courneney cox arm cast


What do you think about wearing a black cast in August?   My arm is heating up just looking at these pictures.  I hope she bought a Cast Cooler!

Courteney Cox arm cast

If you choose to wear a black cast this Summer, sleeveless shirts and tank tops are a must.  These photos were taken outside of Fred Segal‘s in LA and I’m guessing Courteney was stocking up on some cast friendly threads.  Also, a big congrats on her recent engagement to Snow Patrol’s Jonny McDaid 💕💕💕

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Goddess Think

We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong.  The amount of work is the same.  Carlos Castenada

Your body is rebuilding and making itself stronger from the inside out.   Can you love yourself so much that you turn the parts that you find ugly and unpleasant and difficult and painful into your most powerful assets?  This is the time to cultivate your inner goddess.  Self love happens in baby steps and through repitition.  So ask yourself, “what do I like?” and “what feels good?”  What does your ideal life look like? Remember that you are fabulous with or without the cast 💕💕💕




Choose Fabulous

This is not the day to throw a pity party for ourselves.  No matter how bad it is for you, celebrate.  Celebrate the fact that your body is healing.  Celebrate the fact that you’re rebuilding yourself from the inside out. When this ordeal is over you will reemerge as a stronger and more beautiful version of you. Choose to feel fabulous.

Choose Fabulous


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Bandaged Beauty, Anne Hathaway

When Anne Hathaway fell off her bike and broke her arm, she refused to let a cast cramp her style.  Here’s a fabulous example of effortless beauty in an arm cast….

Anne Hathaway arm cast

Anne is wearing Tory Burch, the Minta Maxi Dress with some slip on espadrilles.  Maxi dresses are a summertime staple for arm casted gals.  Just step into the dress and pull up.  No need to negotiate arm holes!  Strapless bra optional, however I recommend finding a good strapless bra if you’re in an arm cast.  Again, no arm holes…you get the idea.

Anne’s also sporting a pair of Wayfarer’s from Ray-Ban.  Sunglasses can be a bandaged beauty’s secret weapon since she’s probably scaled back on the eye makeup.

Anne Hathaway arm cast


Here are some arm cast friendly styles from Pinterest.  The jean jacket is not so practical right now, but when the cast comes off it will complement the look.

Arm cast summer fashion

Arm cast summer fashion

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