Courteney Cox, Bandaged Beauty

Arm cast Courteney Cox

Last August, while enjoying a tropical vacation in Cancun, Courteney Cox slipped and used her wrist to break her fall. Ouch!  Within hours she was on a private jet headed to the States for medical care.  Adios to a relaxing vacation!  It just goes to show that accidents don’t discriminate — they can happen at anytime to anyone.

Courneney cox arm cast


What do you think about wearing a black cast in August?   My arm is heating up just looking at these pictures.  I hope she bought a Cast Cooler!

Courteney Cox arm cast

If you choose to wear a black cast this Summer, sleeveless shirts and tank tops are a must.  These photos were taken outside of Fred Segal‘s in LA and I’m guessing Courteney was stocking up on some cast friendly threads.  Also, a big congrats on her recent engagement to Snow Patrol’s Jonny McDaid 💕💕💕

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Bandaged Beauties

Pink arm cast Welcome to the club! How did you get here? Car accident? Sports injury? Maybe it was dramatic or maybe it was plain clumsy. Whatever the case, it hurt, and now we find ourselves physically limited and going through a major transition. Your life has changed, but it doesn’t have to be for the worse.  This site is your guide to having a fabulous life while wearing a cast. You’ll find all sorts of tips and tricks to become a bandaged beauty. This is the time to pamper yourself with compassion, love, and patience. This is the time to create your best self ever!   Sara Closson   My story…. I was hit head on by a distracted driver in large truck. I will never forget that moment of impact and the feelings of helplessness and terror. I am eternally grateful to have survived. Having endured broken bones and surgery is small price to pay for the gift of life. I started this site to aid in my own recovery and connect with all the other bandaged beauties that refuse to let a physical limitation prevent them from living fabulously! Cheers, Sara