The One Handed Ponytail

If you’re in an arm cast and thought you’d never be able to pull off a ponytail, I have some good news for you…

L.Erickson barrette



Behold… the large rectangular barrette!

L. Erickson enamel barrette


These barrettes are by L. Erickson and can be found at Nordstom.  All you need to do is tilt your head back and with clip in hand, grasp you hair and close the clasp.  The ponytail should be at the nape of your neck.


If you would like to try a one handed ponytail using an elastic or fabric hair tie, Bandaged Beauty Kaylee has been kind enough to share a great technique that she has perfected.

Step 1

Sit on a couch and put your hair hanging over the back.

Step 2

Place an elastic around four or five fingers.

Step 3

Once it’s around, take two fingers out to twist it and pull the hair through.


Did this work for you?  Would love to read your comments 💕


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3 Makeup Tips To Look Fabulous

3 Makeup Tips

Ladies, this is a big week for socializing.  Most of us will attend a July 4th BBQ and perhaps a date night or two over the long weekend.   Even if you’re not feeling your best right now, you can still look fabulous when out and about.  I checked in with the girls at and found three easy and highly effective tips that can be executed with one hand if your in an arm cast. These tips also apply to leg cast beauties as well 🙂

1.Curl your lashes.

Draw attention to your lashes, not your cast, by using a lash curler.  I have owned a Tweezerman lash curler for the past six years and it can work wonders to open up tired eyes.  The thick silicone pads won’t crease your lashes either. Tweezerman lash curler For intense curling you can run a hair dryer over the silicone pads.  Then apply your favorite mascara to finish the look.  I’m currently using Maybelline Volum’ Express Rocket and love that it provides lots of lift without drying or clumping. Maybelline mascara   2. Groom your eyebrows. If you’re in a cast consider going to a professional for an eyebrow wax.  Then use a clear brow gel at home to sculpt and keep hairs in check.  I use this basic clear gel from Maybelline that can be applied to lashes or eyebrows. Great lashApplying a highlighter below the brow line will create an instant brow lift effect.  I use Benefit’s Whatt’s Up on my brow  bone and in the inner corners of my eyes. Benefit Whatt's up

3. Exfoliate for soft lips. To have soft, kissable lips use a lip scrub like this one from Sugar.  Gently massage onto lips in a circular motion and wipe with a tissue.  It buffs away dry flakes and nourishes the skin with oils.   Your lips will be perfectly primed for lipstick or gloss. sugar lip polish

These simple steps can really make a big impact on your appearance and your self esteem.  Always put your best foot forward – even if it’s in a cast! For more ideas on creating fabulous eyes and lips while in a cast, check out our board on Pinterest.

How To Wash Your Face With One Hand

When you find yourself in an arm cast basic activities of daily living soon become monumental chores.  It is important for your mental and physical well being that you find new, one handed ways to take care of yourself.  Here’s an easy way to wash your face.  I use this routine every morning and alternate at night with the Clarisonic Mia brush.

Here's what you need...

Here’s what you need…

Step 1  Put hair in a headband and say goodbye to ponytails.  One handed ponytails are darn near impossible.  Please send me a message if you have perfected this task.

Step 2  Take a large cotton pad and wet with water.

Step 3  Apply wet cotton pad all over face and eyes to moisten the skin.

Step 4  Place wet cotton pad on the countertop and squeeze a quarter size amount of cleanser on the cotton pad.

Step 5  Scoop cleanser off cotton pad with hand and gently massage onto face and eye area.

Step 6  Take another large cotton pad and wet with water.

Step 7  Use wet cotton pad to rinse off cleanser.  You may need to use a couple pads for a complete rinse.

Step 8  Still have makeup on?  For a deep clean use a pre-moistened towelette to remove any remaining makeup.

By using these simple steps your face will feel fabulous, just as if you had cleansed with two hands!


For more tips on having fabulous skin, check out our must haves on Pinterest.