Bandaged Beauty, Anne Hathaway

When Anne Hathaway fell off her bike and broke her arm, she refused to let a cast cramp her style.  Here’s a fabulous example of effortless beauty in an arm cast….

Anne Hathaway arm cast

Anne is wearing Tory Burch, the Minta Maxi Dress with some slip on espadrilles.  Maxi dresses are a summertime staple for arm casted gals.  Just step into the dress and pull up.  No need to negotiate arm holes!  Strapless bra optional, however I recommend finding a good strapless bra if you’re in an arm cast.  Again, no arm holes…you get the idea.

Anne’s also sporting a pair of Wayfarer’s from Ray-Ban.  Sunglasses can be a bandaged beauty’s secret weapon since she’s probably scaled back on the eye makeup.

Anne Hathaway arm cast


Here are some arm cast friendly styles from Pinterest.  The jean jacket is not so practical right now, but when the cast comes off it will complement the look.

Arm cast summer fashion

Arm cast summer fashion

For more ideas and designer info check out our board on Pinterest…

2 thoughts on “Bandaged Beauty, Anne Hathaway

  1. Even though long hair is inconvenient while wearing plaster her hair dispels any notion of getting mine cut off for maintenance sake.

  2. I understand! That pixie cut is not for everyone. I just cut about 4 inches off because I can’t manage long hair with one hand. While I’ve always had long hair I feel a sense of empowerment knowing that I can make myself look cute w/out having to get a blowout from the salon 🙂

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